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SHTF Perimeter Alarms

SHTF Perimeter Alarms

(Modern – We have alarm systems in today’s world to protect our property and give us some kind of warning about possible threats. When SHTF the need to protect yourself is going to increase drastically, so having an alarm system is a big plus. Unfortunately, there may not be electricity; thankfully, there are alternatives.

Some of these SHTF alarms are available commercially. While convenient, this option may not be realistic after SHTF, so the only way to benefit from these is to prepare now. You don’t have to rush out looking for these commercial alarm systems. Don’t panic; it’s not the end of the world, yet.

There are also alarm options that you can create from the comfort of your home or post-apocalyptic stronghold. The options in the video are a bit more on the sophisticated side and other, simpler alternatives are also available.

After SHTF we need to do everything we can to provide the best chance for survival; after all, that’s the idea of surviving. Alarms may be able to give you the edge you need to act decisively and protect your life or assets. Practice with the functions of the alarms as well as producing the DIY alarms yourself — before SHTF.

~Here’s to Your Survival!

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